Ring 10

Helping Retired Boxers Through The Toughest Fight of Their Lives


Getting the word out about our foundation to potential members, supporters and sponsors can be a struggle.  Without the right combination of publicity and promotion, Ring 10 struggles to gain the support we are so desperately seeking.  With the creation of this website and all of you who are reading this, it is our hope that you will support our mission.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible. We are an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, and our purpose and goal is simple: To see to the welfare of boxers who have fallen on hard times. We are dedicated to helping each of our fallen fighters as long as there is a need.

Please kindly consider donating today and together we can continue to make a difference.  All money donated goes directly to our Brothers in need within the boxing community.

Click the “Donate” button below, or if you prefer, you can mail your donation to:

New Address

Ring 10 of NY, c/o Matt Farrago 14123 85th Rd  Apt 1F  Briarwood, NY 11435

On behalf of Ring 10, we thank you in advance for your consideration and hope that you and your loved ones have a successful and healthy year.