Ring 10

Helping Retired Boxers Through The Toughest Fight of Their Lives

8th Annual Fundraiser And Awards Banquet

                                                                                                       Then and Now

Ring 10 Members,
We are all so humbled by the turnout of boxing fans and the love that everyone showed.  We truly hope you had a great time.  All honorees were great and the champs were all fantastic. Truly a heart felt thanks to Ring 10 V.P. Mike Bernard, The Belloise Family, Johnny Zervos and his daughter, Angelina (Ring 10 Merchandise Sales), Milton Luban  and Rafael Fernandez (Memorabilia Sales), Ed Post (Spartan Wear), the 2 assistants in the robes (Elizabeth and Sonia), and last but not least,  the Board of Ring 10 (Iran Barkley, Mark Breland, Richard Burton, Dr. Doug Farrago, Dennis Milton, Ed Post, Ron Ross, Richard Schwartz, Mike Taroli, Johnny Zervos)
Special thanks
John Pennisi (the Journal)
Angelina Zervos, Gimardi Mascia, and Debbie Ianniello
Everyone did a bang up job.
100% of ALL Profits will go to a fighter to help him get “Back on his Feet.”
Enjoy the pictures at Ring 10 facebook page.
Tickets (2019) will go on sale as soon as the date and location are chosen.
Caio ! See you all in 2019