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UPCOMING! 9th Annual Fundraiser And Awards Banquet




               Lisa McClellan

(caretaker of ex Boxer Gerald McClellan)


                   Ring 10 of NY

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100% of ALL Profits go to helping a fighter
get back on their feet.



9th Annual Ring 10 Fundraiser

“100% of all profits go to helping a fighter get back on his feet”

                 CANCELED DUE TO THE VIRUS

In Memoriam: Bert Cooper (1966-2019)

Bert Cooper twice challenged for a heavyweight title and was the first man to ever drop Evander Holyfield

Philly Boxing History reports that two-time world title challenger Bert Cooper has died at the age of 53. Other sources cite the cause of death as pancreatic cancer.


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Read this story:

‘Boxing totally turned its back’ on battered Gerald McClellan
By Dan McGrath, Chicago Tribune

Watch The Video Here >>

A Note From Lisa McClellan

Here is a note that Lisa McClellan sent us that embodies the mission of Ring 10:

Lisa is the sister and primary caretaker of former Middleweight Champion of the World Gerald McClellan.

“One of the most compassionate, caring men I have ever met. You have shown us that Ring 10 is everything you guys set out to be. Your caring for less fortunate fighters is something many in the boxing world has forgotten about. You guys do it and never boast about what you do. Matt you and your Organization are the real Champions. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do. Anyone who’s had the Privilege of being helped by you guys are blessed. Our lives are so much better because of you guys. I will never be able to thank you guys enough for all you do. God Bless you Ring 10.”


Just One Example of why donations are appreciated at Ring 10

Taken from the story    ‘Boxing totally turned its back’ on battered Gerald McClellan

Dan McGrath

Dan McGrathChicago Tribune

Gerald McClellan, a former champion boxer who won both WBC and WBO championships in the 1990s, suffered a severe head injury which left him in a coma and with multiple physical injuries including blindness, hearing loss and multitude of other issues. (Stacey Wescott/Chicago Tribune)

Ring 10, a New York-based nonprofit established in 2011 to assist boxers in need, has been the McClellans’ lifeline. Matt Farrago, now a medical supplies salesman who had 28 pro fights as a super-welterweight in the ’80s, is the founder, chief fundraiser and tireless spokesman for the charity.

“We’re fighters helping fighters in the only sport that doesn’t do anything for its athletes once it’s through with them,” Farrago says. “Ninety-eight cents of every dollar we raise goes to the fighters. Nobody gets turned down.”

He won’t discuss specific contributions, but Ring 10 maintains an account at the grocery store where Lisa buys the family’s food, and there was help with an electric bill when she fell behind several months ago.

“I’ve never experienced anything like Ring 10,” Lisa says. “Some organizations will help you out one time and then we’re moving on to the next person. But Ring 10 is a consistent thing — ‘We’re family and we’re here for you.’ They provide us with help every month.”

It’s Lisa’s selflessness that keeps Ring 10 coming back to Gerald, Farrago says.

“Boxing totally turned its back on Gerald, walked away from him, but Lisa is so devoted to him,” he said. “It’s more of a human interest story than a boxing story.”

2018 Annual Fundraiser & Awards Ceremony recap:

Ring 10 Members,

We are all so humbled by the turnout of boxing fans and the love that everyone showed.  We truly hope you had a great time.  All honorees were great and the champs were all fantastic. Truly a heart felt thanks to Ring 10 V.P. Mike Bernard, The Belloise Family, Johnny Zervos and his daughter, Angelina (Ring 10 Merchandise Sales), Milton Luban  and Rafael Fernandez (Memorabilia Sales), Ed Post (Spartan Wear), the 2 assistants in the robes (Elizabeth and Sonia), and last but not least,  the Board of Ring 10 (Iran Barkley, Mark Breland, Richard Burton, Dr. Doug Farrago, Dennis Milton, Ed Post, Ron Ross, Richard Schwartz, Mike Taroli, Johnny Zervos),
Special Thanks goes out to:
John Pennisi (the Journal). Gimardi Mascia, Debbie Ianniello, and Angelina Zervos
Everyone did a bang up job.
100% of ALL Profits will go to a fighter to help him get “Back on his Feet.”
Enjoy the pictures at Ring 10 Facebook page.
Tickets (2019) will go on sale as soon as the date and location are chosen.
Caio! See you all in 2019