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Ring 10 Good Stories #3

Ring 10 fundraiser at Marina a success

Charity for former boxers fallen on difficult times can be a beautiful thing.

Ring 10’s Veterans Boxing Foundation of New York’s 2nd annual fund raiser to help boxers who have who thrilled fight fans decades ago but have fallen on hard times – fallen victim to unscrupulous promoters and disloyal friends – was a success with some big names at Marina del Rey on Saturday, August 18.

The group – whose board of directors consists largely of east Bronx fight fans – held the fundraiser that brought pugilists that fans remember, including James “Buddy” McGirt, Carlos Ortiz, Holt McCallany, James “Bonecrusher” Smith, Livingstone Bramble, Donny Lalonde, Aaron “Superman” Davis, Iran “The Blade” Barkley, Doug Dewitt, and Michael Olajide, according to Ring 10 president Matt Farrago.

“The people who came to the fundraiser loved it,” said Farrago. “We could not get people to leave after five hours. The boxers were so thankful for us inviting them.”

There were also a number of donated items for a silent auction that made the program a even more successful, said Farrago.

Among the items donated were a pair of fight shoes worn in the ring by Livingstone Bramble that were autographed by him; gloves donated by Saul Alvarez, Leon Spinks, and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini; and a signed picture of Iran Barkley from when he won a world championship, said Farrago.

Board members of Ring 10 include Community Board 10 chairman John Marano. The vice-president of the organization is long-time Villa Maria Academy physical education department leader and teacher Michael Bernard.

Through Ring 10, Marano has become friends with Iran Barkley, whose homeless plight was featured in the New York Post in 2010.

“I got involved in Ring 10 through my relationship with Iran “The Blade” Barkley and Michael Bernard,” said Marano.

Barkley had been giving motivational talks for children at Villa Maria Academy for years.

“We got positive input and got to network at the fundraiser, and to educate the boxing fans of what these fighters go through.”

The money raised will go to the foundation, which provides money and aid directly to the fighters and their families – dishing it out carefully – to pay for housing, medical aid, and other living essentials, according to Farrago.

The organization may form partnerships with several retired boxers who could agree to donate proceeds from various projects to the organization, said Marano.

He said that Ring 10 plans on working with several younger boxers to make sure they understand that even if they are making big sums of money today, that could change once they leave boxing.

“We need to educate the younger boxers coming into this life,” said Marano.

And boxers who are established or retired, he added, should consider giving back to their comrades who are falling on hard times.

Patrick Rocchio can be reach via e-mail at procchio@cnglocal.com or by phone at (718) 742-3393

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Ring 10 Good Stories #4

Matt Farrago had 28 professional fights and many of those contests were against world-class opposition.

But now, at the age of 50, the Long Island middleweight once known as the Beta Bomber, is embarking on the biggest fight of his life. He wants retired fighters to have a chance.

The stories are sad and familiar. Some of the game’s greatest warriors end up broke and in declining health. Iran Barkley, Wilfred Benitez, Smokin’ Joe Frazier are just some of the former champions in need.

Farrago founded an organization named Ring 10. Its web site reads, “We are a non-profit foundation created to help fulfill the needs of past and present boxers who have fallen on hard times; to not sit in judgment and to help when help is needed…One hundred percent of your tax deductible membership fees and donations will go towards helping all indigent former fighters.”

Former fighters, Tyrone Jackson, Pete Spanakos and Harold Weston sit on the board of directors.

Barkley, the former middleweight champion from the Bronx who has squared off against Thomas Hearns and Roberto Duran, was one of the first fighters to receive assistance from Ring 10, Barkley spent time actually staying at the homes of Ring 10 members. The organization finally found him a place to live.

“We don’t want to just give him a drink of water,” said Farrago. “We want to teach him to find water. We could sit here and say we gave him money for years. We want to do more. We want to help him become self sufficient.”

Benitez, a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, is another fighter that Ring 10 is trying to help. Benitez is in declining health live in his native Puerto Rico. Ring 10 sends him three hundred dollars per month.

“We are a small organization with no money,” said Farrago. “So far, we’ve been able to make sure we send [Benitez] $300 a month for one year. Right now, it’s not the quantity, it’s the consistency.”

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Ring 10 Good Stories #5

Septemebr 21st, 2017



Lisa McClellan

(Sister and Primary Caretaker of former Middleweight Champion of the World Gerald McClellan.)


One of the most compassionate, caring men I have ever met.  You have shown us that Ring 10 is everything you guys set out to be. Your caring for less fortunate fighters is something many in the boxing world has forgotten about. You guys do it and never boast about what you do.  Matt you and ur Organization are the real Champions. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do. Anyone who’s had the Privilege of being helped by you guys are blessed. Our lives are so much better because of you guys. I will never be able to thank you guys enough for all you do. God Bless you Ring 10

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Ring 10 Good Stories #7

Ring 10 to Honor Fallen Fighter 71 Years Following Death

October 8th, 2012 at 11:00 AM
By Sharon Scrima

With a professional record of 7-22-5 (2 KO’s), it is unlikely that any boxing fan knows of former fighter Ray Bonti. The 24-year old welterweight tragically died on August 16, 1941 from head injuries sustained during a preliminary fight at Fort Hamilton Arena in Brooklyn, New York. The fallen fighter was quickly forgotten by the boxing community but now, with the help of Ring 10 Veterans Boxing Foundation, he will finally be respectfully honored and his family given the closure they have been seeking for the last 71 years.

Bonti, a Bayside, Queens resident, had been fighting professionally for over two years in primarily preliminary bouts. He did not achieve any notable success during his career, fighting once at Madison Square Garden and seeing some action in main bouts at lesser clubs.

He was an active journeyman who fought in an era where little emphasis was placed on fighter safety. He fought 15 times in six months during 1940 and 16 times over the course of eight months in 1941 as recorded in BoxRec.com. In the seven-week period leading up to the fateful fight against Brooklyn boxer Al Dunbar on August 14, 1941, Bonti fought four times. This included a first round knockout by future champion Tippy Larkin only four weeks prior to the Dunbar bout and a sixth round decision loss 10 days after that. Bonti was back in the ring only two weeks later to face the 42-47-5 Dunbar for a $25 share of the total $50 purse.

Bonti was ahead on points entering the fifth of the six round scheduled bout when he was floored by a right hand to the head. He arose and was knocked down twice more before the referee stopped the fight.

Following the knockout, doctors of the Army Medical Corps at Fort Hamilton attempted to revive the unconscious Bonti for 20 minutes before ordering he be taken to nearby Norwegian Hospital. The Bayside fighter never regained consciousness, dying in the hospital two days later from a brain injury.

Coming from a meager background, Bonti’s family was unable to provide the fallen fighter with an adequate memorial or proper burial. A small vigil was held in the living room of Bonti’s home in Bayside where he lived with his young wife and her parents. He was buried in an unmarked grave in Flushing due to cemetery policy at the time that prohibited burial with an individual headstone, something the family was unable to afford.

Bonti’s premature and tragic death had an inexplicable effect on his family, with his bereft father passing away a short five months later. Their inability to put a marker on Bonti’s grave and the lack of acknowledgement from the boxing community of the ultimate sacrifice the brave fighter made to the sport has left them without a sense of closure.

Recent changes in cemetery policy now allow markers to be placed on the grave site, prompting Bonti’s niece, the daughter of one of his two surviving sisters, to reach out to Ring 10 for assistance.

“This family tragedy is still active and alive in the hearts and minds of the two remaining siblings, two sisters. Over these many years and decades, it has led to many unresolved emotions and desires for closure,” Bonti’s niece, Rosemarie Saenz, wrote in a copy of a letter sent to Ring 10 president Matt Farrago.

With half of the money saved for a headstone, Saenz contacted Ring 10 in August soon after the 71st anniversary of Bonti’s death asking for the participation of their member fighters in honoring her uncle so he could be formally recognized by the boxing community while her aging mother is still alive. Farrago and Ring 10 Board of Directors agreed to be a part of the memorial and did one better by offering to pay for the remaining half of the expenses for the headstone.

“We’re not going to reposition him. We’re just going to give him a nice headstone and an honorable send-off at the plot with a “10 count” so he gets closure as a fighter. You never know, maybe his soul has been waiting for this for 71 years,” said Farrago, a former fighter himself.

A date for the services to be held this Fall is being coordinated by the family while Farrago gathers together a group of fighters who will attend to pay respects to one of their own.

Ring 10 is once again demonstrating that this brotherhood extends to all fighters regardless of professional record, status and era.

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Ring 10 Good Stories #6

Ring 10: Helping Gerald McClellan



Veterans Boxing Foundation


By Jerry Glick: Gerald McClellan was a fine fighter and a brutal puncher. He is the former WBC and WBO Middleweight champion. For his entire career it appeared that the sky was the limit for “The G-Man” from Freeport, Illinois, until disaster struck. After winning his rematch with power punching Julian Jackson he challenged Nigel Benn for his WBC Super-Middleweight title. The tenth round turned out to be the final round of the fight, and the final round of McClellan’s career.

After a big start, when he had Benn down in the first round, the fight was getting close until Benn went down again in the eighth. Inexplicably McClellan seemed to lose some poise in the ninth, even the announcers noticed that he was blinking his eyes; he was knocked out in the tenth. Eventually he was on the floor in his corner and is today blind and nearly completely deaf. His sister is there to help him but money is an issue. He needs help.

Matt Farrago is a former pro boxer, former president of Ring 8, he’s an official with the New York State Athletic Commission, and is currently the founder and President of Ring 10. After leaving Ring 8 he organized Ring 10 with the hope of helping fighters in need. That is where Farrago’s heart is. An ex-pug helping ex-pugs.

“I made contact with Lisa McClellan,” said Matt. “He’s having a tough time. He’s going for surgery for removal of a section of his colon which got twisted from inactivity due to his physical condition. He has nothing financially and nobody is helping him so our club is committed to move money to a food store where he is credited with an account.”

He also is in contact with former welterweight champion Wilfred Benitez who is also in poor condition. “After the excitement is over people walk away,” he explained. “They forget that he’s still in need. I talk to his sister once a month. We send him money every month to buy food, diapers, and more. Ring 10 is the only club that really wants to help fighters.”


He proudly added that 100% of all donations go directly to the fighters, “We take nothing.”


With that in mind, there will be a fund raiser, Ring 10’s 2nd annual event, on August 18th at 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM at Marina Del Rey, One Marina Drive, Throgs Neck, NY 10465. Go to the website for details at ring10ny.com, or just Google ring 10. You can contact Matt Farrago at 631-948-6028 for information as well.


Some of the boxing celebrities expected to attend are former top contender Michael Olajide, former and current world champions; “Bone Crusher” Smith, Livingstone Bramble, Donny Lalond, Chad Dawson, “Superman” Davis, Iran Barkley, and Doug DeWitt. Iconic trainer Lou Duva will also be on hand.

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Joey Giambra

Boxing w Ring10 Ny Matt Farago,John IceMan Scully,Angel Manfredy,Larry Barnes
10/19/20/2017 8pm Central/9pm Eastern The Fighters Voice w Don Mcguire and Barry Frost goes to legends of Boxing A Finished MMA Juan Martinez presentation – 8pm cst We will sit down with Matt Farago and John IceMan Scully for a Look into Ring10 NY and the organization and how the its for the betterm…
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Nonprofit is making life easier for former boxers

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Buy from AmazonSmile.com and place Supporting: Veterans Boxing Foundation Of Ny Inc in the Left corner of the toolbar

Veterans Boxing Foundation of NY Inc

Ring 10 of NY | Year Founded: 2011

Mission: We are happy to introduce to you “Ring 10,” serving the boxing community and its members. “Ring 10” is a non-profit group dedicated to providing food, shelter and medical necessities for impoverished former boxers here at home and abroad. With no union, health benefits or governmental assistance, it has become extremely challenging and difficult for some to pursue a “normal” life after boxing. It is more important than ever that we try to provide them the basic necessities needed for a better life.

To support charity, always shop at smile.amazon.com

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