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Why is Ring 8 in existence? Shame on ALL of them.

I know that this is troubling and uncertain times out there but Ring 10 lost our spring fundraiser thanks to  Mikey Bbbbbb and our Sept Big Fundraiser had to be cancelled
because of the Virus. Ring 10 is very much in need of  collecting any and all donations to help us through these tough times, and please know that 100% of ALL Profit goes to helping a fighter get back on their feet.  Ring 10 is a legal 501c3
Please make donation out to Ring 10
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Matt Farrago
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Center Moriches, NY 11934
This was written by:   Lisa Jordan McClellan (Sister and primary Caretaker to former Champion Gerald McClellan –
To:Charlie Norkus RING 8, Bob Duffy RING 8,   Matt Farrago RING 10,
Jun 21, 2019  at 12:17 PM
Hi Charlie I just got off the phone with Lou Deblla and he had no idea what i/you were talking about. He said he wasn’t even apart of ring 8. He said he NEVER told anyone that he gave $10,000. He said you guys were deflecting. I looked up on the web and researched Ring 8 and when Jack Grebelsky founded ring 8 it was to help fighters with housing and medical care and help with funeral expenses. In ur email you told me you guys barley had money to cover your monthly meetings.
From everything I read that money was put in place to help fighters not pay for your dinners for your members to eat for free. All you have done since we stated emailing all you have done is lie about what you guys have done to help Gerald in the past. I understand you were not there at the time and these are things that were passed down to you but these are things that are not true. And in telling you the truth about this you seem to get upset with me for letting you know the truth. I could have respected if you would have just said we don’t have funds at this time instead of giving me all these excuses.
Yes I have the upmost respect for ring 10. Even yesterday I had to call Matt and ask for help with a bill and he paid it immediately, I ask you a question, what if a person need help right away, you never replied to the question. I saw the war between ring 10 and you guys, I want you guys to show that you were not what Matt said you were. You just proved that everything that he said is 100% true. You guys are an organization that helps yourself. You have no intention on helping any fighters. You first question to me should have been what can we do and what do you need. Instead you tell me what you don’t do. If you guys are not helping fighters please stop leading people on that this is what you do. Because what you are doing is taking money away from a great organization that does help fighters. As I stated to you many times in 8 years EVERYTIME I asked Matt for help he made it happen and I didn’t have to wait a month for the help. As long as you guys been in this business there should be something in place that you guys could help someone if the needed immediate assistance. I am heartbroken reading all the text where you made it very clear that if you help it would only be once or it would be a small amount. If your heart was into helping fighters you would break the bank in doing so. Maybe if you guys were fighter or ex fighters you would understand what we are going through, our need would be more important that making sure your members were fed at your monthly meetings and no disrespect looking at the pic on your website it looks as if most of you guys could miss a meal or two to help a few fighters. As president of this washed Up organization you guys should give up and allow ring 10 to carry the torch of helping in the manner Jack Grebelsky and your dad and others set out  when Ring 8 was founded. I will not allow you to blow smoke up my ass about what you can’t do for Gerald and many others in need. I will make sure from this day Matt and Tom Hauser and many others know who you guys really are. Which is everything Matt said you were, please please refrain from ever using Gerald Mccllan name in sentence as fighters you helped because you have never done a damn thing for him. I don’t give a damn what you were told. Shame on you and you should be ashamed. The last thing is the member that made fun of Matt’s brain issues, if just one of your members were a fighter that would not have been amusing to any anyone. Isn’t that the reason for you organization to help fights with these very same issues not make fun. Shame on you. Please do not respond as I have heard enough of ur lies Charlie(no love) Norkus president of Ring 8.


Lisa mcclellan Jordan



On Saturday, June 15, 2019, 7:24:29 AM CDT, Charlie N <chuckyluv57@aol.com> wrote:

I was not on the board at that time. I was told that Louis put up 10,000 maybe as a donation that was lumped in as anonymous.  I don’t know. This is what I been told

On Friday, June 14, 2019 lisa jordan <lisajordan735@yahoo.com> wrote:
I promise Charlie I read that he was going to but on my mother’s grave we NEVER got it. I would not lie and I love giving praise to those who help. 
On Friday, June 14, 2019, 6:42:42 PM EDT, Charlie N <chuckyluv57@aol.com> wrote:

Louis dibella long time ring 8 member donated $10 000 to help. Please check your donor list

On Friday, June 14, 2019 lisa jordan <lisajordan735@yahoo.com> wrote:

—– Forwarded Message —– From: lisa jordan <lisajordan735@yahoo.com>To: lisa jordan <lisajordan735@yahoo.com>Sent: Friday, June 14, 2019, 3:15:13 PM EDTSubject: Re: Did you receive my email.
Hi Charlie are you saying Matt stole fund form ring 8 or used the money for the fighters. And you also seem as if you are upset with me on ur email. I NEVER said what ring 8 does (?????) was not enough. I am have and always will appreciate anything anyone does for us. You keep bringing up the 98,000 as if Ring 8 raised the money. Sir I am totally aware of where that money came from. When has Ring 8 ever given one fighter 98,000. If all you guys do is help one time with a bill. So you want me to believe that not Gerald  not being from Newyork was five 98.000 by u guys.  I had a very close relationship with Seth Aberham and we talked often and he and Roy raised those funds , I was at the event in Newyork. So I know for a fact that money wasn’t raised by ring 8 . It was handled by ring 8. I know the thrurh because I played a big part of it being raised. If u have any questions u can ask Roy Jones himself. And I’m by no means comparing what Matt does for us. I wanted to be clear of the fact that at times that was our only help. I don’t want to fight the same people I’ve asked for help I just want to be honest about what’s going on. Thank you again and May everyone involved be at peace. 
On Friday, June 14, 2019, 1:35:31 PM EDT, lisa jordan <lisajordan735@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Charlie, first of all I do know for a fact that the moneys that we received from ring 8 came from Seth Aberham and Roy Jones. I was at the event when it was raised. They had ring 8 handle funds and dispersed them to Heralds trust. We have been helped by ring 10 for 8 years non stop on a monthly basis. I also knew of other fighters that needed help that I ask Matt to help and he did. Matt has shown me in ALL of his action that he has genuine care for these fighters. It’s a very different story that I heard about Matt leaving ring 8. And it wasn’t him misusing funds. How could he if Tony was the treasure See I remember all of that because for two years I spoke with Tom Hoover trying to get the funds intend for Gerald. And I spoke with Tony that owned a restaurant because he had those funds. I have gotten to know Matt I’m these eight years and I have the upmost respect for what he has done for Herald and many others. I only spoke up on that post because I know first hand. But I hate to see hard feelings between to organizations that are supposed to be helping fighters. It’s very said to see. I know Matt is hot headed but he has the very same passion when it comes to helping these fighters in need. I truly saddened that it has come to this between you guys. I will say this that I know without a question that no funds are being misused because I wanted Matt to come to an event I had for Gerald and I thought he could have used funds from ring 10 and he would not. He told me that money belonged to his fighters. No I’m not saying he is perfect but I can tell you this man has stepped in when no one else in the boxing world has cared about us. If I tell you how much he has helped you probably wouldn’t believe it. I pray to God you guys will be able to at least be at peace thanks for taking the time to respond and God Bless. 
Lisa Mcclellan Jordan
On Thursday, June 13, 2019, 7:02:26 PM EDT, Charlie N <chuckyluv57@aol.com> wrote:

I did get your email. I want to tell you about Matt. Matt was kicked out of ring as president. For miss-use of funds and then using profanity against a female member of ring 8 in front of all members. Since then he has had vitriol hate against ring 8 and started his own ring 10
He accuses us of unaccountability of our funds. We have a cpa oversee our expenses and audited every year. We give financial reports at every one of our monthly meetings.matt does not do that at his according to me y members who have left his org. And joined ours. He has spewed hate publicly and we are looking into a lawsuit against him. We have every New York state boxing committee. On our staff who he has blasted too with endless profanity. He has problems. I would like to remind you that awhile ago ring 8 was stewards of $98,000.00 that given to gerald by many New York donors and ring 8 members. Tell that to your friend Matt. We will take up your request at our next meeting next week. We will not engage Matt as advised by our attorneys.

On Thursday, June 13, 2019 Charlie N <chuckyluv57@aol.com> wrote:

Yes I did Lisa. I want to tell you a few things about Matt

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019 lisa jordan <lisajordan735@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Charlie I was wonder if you received my email because I never got a reply. Please let me know if you received it. Thank you and God Bless.

Lisa mcclellan

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From: lisa jordan <lisajordan735@yahoo.com>
To: chuckyluv57@aol.com <chuckyluv57@aol.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 12:58:35 PM PDT

Hi Charlie I am the sister to injured fighter Gerald Mcclellan.  I was informed that Matt wrote the letter that I wrote. No sir, that letter was my words and my feelings. See I have been struggling taking care of my brother for 24 years with very little help from the boxing community. 8 years ago I got a phone call from Matt at Ring 10 offering there support. And eight years later, I don’t know where we would be without them. When Gerald first started having problems with his colon I had to pay $700 a month for a pill to make his colon function. I had idea how I could pay for this, Matt did it for eight months. Then he had the colon remove and I had to pay out of pocket $400 a month for his supplies and Matt did that also. Not to mention the Food account that we are able to use  each month
to put food on our table that Matt started 8 years ago. We also had our electric shut off because I could not pay the high bills and Ringr10 took care of that as well. So when I saw on Facebook about ring 10 coming from a place where I know we would be in trouble if not be for this organization, I spoke up to defend Matt. But at the same time I saw that Ring 8 help fighters as well. So I reach out to them for help also. I am currently waiting for Mr Duffy to have their board meeting on the 20th to reply. Let’s be clear about one thing and that no one could put words in my  mouth,  I spoke up to defend Matt because I know first hand what he does for these fighters. My advise would be if ur being accused of not helping fighters by someone who’s passion is helping fighters, show him and the boxing world that you are helping fighters and the war comes to an end. I can only hope that at the end of at the all of this I can say Ring 8 is also a great organization that helps fighters as well. Thank you in advance for reading this email and just another small piece of advice when different members are making jokes about Matt’s brain its very offensive to us that live that life everyday. It’s not something that should be used to insult one person when so many are actually suffering from it. Thank you and may God Bless. 

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