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Ring 10 Members,

I am so sad to bring you the bad news about one of our first and most loyal members, Ron Ross, has passed away.  Ron and I met about 25 years ago when someone asked me to read his new book that he had written. It was called “The Tomato Can” and to this day I have never enjoyed a book more than that book. You should all go out and order it because it is that good.

More to the point about Ron.  He was such a talented, friendly, and caring person that from the first day I met him we became family. He will be so deeply missed that I want to do something special for him at our event on Sept 12, 2020.  Any and All suggestions will be considered.

His wife Sue is also in the hospital so please send out your prayers for her and his family. This is such a great loss to the boxing community and to Ring 10.

Ron Ross: Rest in Peace and thank you for your support to Ring 10 and to all your contributions to the world of boxing.

Boxer: Clive Atwell I endorce that statement holehartedly. I have been a boxing star in Guyana from 2002 to 2015 after I had brain bleed. Most people turn there back on me. Matt Farrago and Ring 10 never know me when I went to him instantly he help . Thanks to ring 10.

If you are a Ring 10 member, this letter will give you a warm feeling in your heart. This was unsolicited from Lisa McClellan, but I promised her I would let all Ring 10 fans know how she felt.


I was always told what said with the heart reaches the heart. And here goes from my heart. 9 1/2 years ago I had a phone call from a gentleman named Matt Farrago, and his Organization Ring 10. Matt asked if we could use help with food and other things. And since that day he has not missed a month helping pay for food. 4 years after that I found out Geralds colon was failing and the med that he needed to keep his colon functioning cost $400 a month. No way I could maintain and pay for this med, I spoke with Matt , he said its done. He would pay for the med and he gave Walgreens his card number and it was done. There has been many other things that Ring 10 has helped with since. I try not to always have to call Matt with things get tuff. So I call other organizations in the boxing world and there is no one else that provides helps to fighters in need. The WBC provides Gerald with a grant once a year. That I use to have care givers come in so I can have a break. For the last 5 years Ive been taking care of Gerald 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. And to say the least it has not been easy. Last year I was on Facebook and I saw a post from Matt about Ring 8 not helping fighters and Matt asking where does the money go that Ring 8 raise. I also read where one of their members made a post about Matts brain not working. I was very offended so I decided at that time to reach out to Ring 8 to see if they really help fighters. I made a call to their president Charlie Norkis and he was offended that I had asked for help for Gerald. I informed him that I had just had surgery and was not receiving money for caring for Gerald  and things were tight, the first thing he said to me was isnt Ring 10 helping you guys. I explained that I felt bad always having to go to ring 10 for help. He said he would get back with me in four weeks after the board meeting. I knew I had a deadline on a bill and I didnt have 4 weeks to wait. So I messaged him back and ask what does one do if they need help immediately. He never responded.  So me been very defensive of Matt because after all the years of him helping us I had become very protective over Ring 10 as I am protecting Gerald. I was very upset and asked him to make that clear what he meant. So then he changed the story and started to attack me about what Ring 8 had done for Gerald 22 years ago. Which HBO and Roy Jones jr had raised money for Gerald  and they used Ring 8 5013c to filter the money to Geralds trust. 3 years later I had to hire an attorney to get the money from ring8. So at that time I started to understand why Matt was asking the question where does the money go. Needless to say that Matt/Ring 10 paid the bill because it was cut off waiting for ring 8 to get back to me about helping. I had got a call for an ex member of Ring 10 telling me that he was no longer a part of Ring 10 because Matt was upset with him because he went to a dinner at Ring 8. I try to explain to him that it was because they were not helping the fighters. I also spoke with another member that said Matt was going to be Mad at him if he went. I also tried to get him to see why. Because no one was being helped ( we are proof) by this organization. Here is my problem. Matt /Ring10 has put his all into helping so many fighters that I can understand that he feels betrayed. Maybe he dont say it the correct way. But I get it. Why would you support an organization that is not going to help you when you need help. Listen Ive been caring for Gerald for 25 years next week. Other then Ring 10 there is no one else to turn to when you need help. Last week I got a phone call from yet another member asking if they could use Geralds picture and name to raise money for another organization that doing the same as Ring 10. I was broken hearted that we are not one big family because of small misunderstanding. I told that person if it would take 1 dime away from ring 10 that I was against it. Gerald and I are 100% loyal to ring 10 because they have been loyal to us. I wont support anyone that dont support ring 10. I think the biggest misunderstand is everyone is nervous with the way Matt will handle members supporting Ring 8 and others that say that they will help fighters. I have spent many hours on the phone with Matt and over the last two years Im very aware that Matt has been very forgetful, no Im not going to talk bad about him or gossip or bad mouth him. We forget that Matt is a fighter too, and suffer from some of the same issues as the very fighters that he help. So instead I keep notes when we talk to help him remember things. Thats what friends do that care about each other not talk bad or walk away. If he forget something just remind him or if you disagree sit him down and talk to him. We all know that 100% of his heart is for helping these fighters. I wrote this to all who lack understanding as to why things are or as they use to be. Matt is a great guy and deserves our understanding. He has loss so much in this last couple of years. So if he says something you disagree with or if ur upset with him please dont try to hurt the ONLY organization that helps those in need that dont have anyone else. Bad mouthing Ring 10 hurts the fighters. My prayer is that we all come together to keep this great organization as strong as it has ever been. As we approach the 10 year anniversary we should be proud of all that has been accomplished by so many fine people. I thank all that has been apart of making our lives better, truthfully I dont know how we would have made it with out Ring 10.

Lisa and Gerald Mcclellan


Danny Aiello

…..was a long time friend and contributor to Ring 10. He will be surely missed and we all wish him well on his journey.

                  R.I.P. Brother Danny

Be Proud of Ring 10 because we are the ONLY !!!!!!! organization that does what we do to help a fighter get back on their feet so it is so nice to hear a kind “THANK YOU RING 10” every once in a while, and I almost always get them from the fighters after “we” help them. The problem is that they tell me on the phone usually and I try to pass it on to the members at our general meetings.  Unfortunately, me trying to paraphrase what they said does not usually translate well at the meeting and we kind of blow over it.

Ex:  Michael Nunn: He was so happy that we helped him he thanked me (Ring 10) fifteen times on the phone. Do I tell Ring 10 members that he said thank you fifteen times? No, so his enthusiasm gets totally lost and we move on to the next topic.


 Boxer: Bobby Harris

*This message was not altered in any way.

To all Retired Boxers I want to take a minute to tell you all wat a Special nd

God Loving Man Matt Farrago nd his organization are they Help not only myself

but the entire Retired Boxers Family I just wanted to let all Retired Boxers to

now wat a Hard working Extra time working Special Guy he is To all Retired

Boxers I can’t Express in Words how much he has helped out . He’s A Real Stand

up Guy who puts Helping retired Boxers in anyway he Can


Boxer Bobby Czyz

Tell ALL THE MEMBERS, OF THE BOARD, of Ring 10, how eternally GRATEFUL I AM, for their help. I NEVER EXPECTED to need this much outside help, in my life. I will

FOREVER BE, a staunch supporter and HUGE FAN, of Ring 10. With GREAT RESPECT AND ADMIRATION,

Bobby Czyz  

In Memoriam: Bert Cooper (1966-2019)

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